Things To Do In Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World: Overview

Sea life Bangkok Ocean World is among the largest underwater aquarium in Southeast Asia. The underwater tunnel in the ocean offers a unique experience to catch sight of more than 400 marine species, including majestic sharks. Tourists can witness and capture the rarest marine species like penguins, otters, water rats, and many others.

Things to do in sea life Bangkok Ocean world will include a unique opportunity to feed them with your own hands. The vast sea life aquarium focuses on creating a sensory experience, including undersea life, rather than education or conservation. Sea life Bangkok has various massive tanks containing multiple types of fish in different colors. Visitors can spend lots of time here by simply gazing at these beautiful water creatures along with participating in various activities. The underwater aquarium also has a giant shark tank connected with a tunnel so that tourists can enjoy a close walk with the sharks.

Other activities to do in sea life Bangkok Ocean world includes going for a dive with sharks and fishes. You can also check out various exhibitions which teach about the marine ecosystem. The sea life also has unique rooms featuring seahorses. The place also has the facility of a touch tank which is especially for young people, where they can touch sea creatures, and a guide will explain about them.

Things To Do at Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World

Spend a day full of fun with various activities to do in sea life Bangkok Ocean world. Explore the stunning open ocean segment, which features a 270-degree glass tunnel located below the tank. Take a walk along with a side shark tank where only an acrylic sheet separates you from the shark. Visitors can witness more than 30,000 sea creatures and 400 water species. Check out the penguin ice adventure to interact with cute Gentoo Penguins.

Walk Above A Shark Aquarium

Yes, you are going to do precisely what you read! One of the most exciting things to do in sea life Bangkok Ocean world is the walk above a shark aquarium. The shark will give you a spine-tingling view of various world’s most feared predators swimming just below the feet. Watch the blacktop reef shark and the sand tiger shark, which are two of the unique shark species housed at sea like Bangkok Ocean world. It is true that you are going to need lots of courage to do this activity. But the experience will be scary yet beautiful and the view of the aquarium will win your heart.

sea life bangkok ocean world
Explore The Rainforest

Just because you are in Bangkok Ocean world does not mean that the attractions will only be limited to the beautiful sea creatures. Sea life aquarium also houses a tropical rainforest area which draws you in with the healing sound of waterfalls. The rainforest has a lush green atmosphere. Among the Things to do in sea life Bangkok Ocean world, you can spot frogs camouflaging themselves. You can also see the tropical fishes swimming nicely in the water streams. Visitors will also meet the tropical rainforest’s most attractive star – The otters, which is a unique and one of the beautiful sea creatures in the aquarium. Do not miss the rainforest as your kids are going to love it.

sea life bangkok ocean world
Walk Through An Underwater Tunnel

Walk through an underwater ocean tunnel and get a chance to encounter famous predators of the ocean world in Bangkok. One of the most fantastic sea animals here is the sand tiger shark which is renowned for its pointed snouts and creepy eyes. The underwater tunnel walk will also let you meet shovel nose rays, leopard whip rays, and eagle rays. Each of these sea creatures is famous for having a unique body pattern. These sea creatures are straightforward to distinguish due to their size. The giant goliath grouper can quickly grow up to 8 feet, while the giant bluefin tuna is the largest tuna in the world.

sea life bangkok ocean world
Get Close To Cute Penguins

Visitors can have fun with loveable creatures at the penguin ice adventure. At the sea life Bangkok Ocean world, you can see the Gentoo penguins. Watch them swimming and displaying their incredible underwater moves. Due to their swimming skills, cute penguins can quickly dive at least 400 times a day. Along with watching the penguins, you can also have fun at the penguin gaming arena. This is one of the things to do in sea life Bangkok Ocean world that offers perfect entertainment for kids and families. Create beautiful memories with the little creatures, and you can have some nice clicks of your kids when they are busy playing with the penguins.

sea life bangkok ocean world
Catch A 4D Movie

The 4D movie should not be missed from the list of things to do in sea life Bangkok Ocean world. It is definitely going to add more excitement and fun to your visit to the ocean world. So, get yourself ready as you are going to experience the breathtaking jellyfish journey of the SpongeBob SquarePants.

The realistic and most incredible effects of the movie at the 4D cinema are going to make your visit highly entertaining. Make sure to catch this enchanting movie experience with your kids and friends. In the movie, you are not only going to see the visuals, but the effects are the ones that will make the movie amazing.

sea life bangkok ocean world
Be Inspired By Art

Every aquarium does not have an art exhibit; however, at sea life Bangkok Ocean world; you can experience a beautiful living art, i.e., the art of Camouflage. This fantastic attraction at the aquarium invites you to explore the three exhibition zones, which are truly inspired by the yellow boxfish, lionfish, patterns from the sea stars, and various natural colors of the sea creatures.

With striking designs and vibrant colors, the highly interactive exhibit at the aquarium provides a unique photo opportunity. So, take your camera to capture memorable, beautiful moments with a great art background. It is undoubtedly going to blast the followers of your Instagram account.

sea life bangkok ocean world
Hop On a Glass Bottom Boat

If you want to get more personal with sharks, glass-bottom boats are the best option to explore. This unique experience will let you have more fun with various marine species and specially the ocean’s predators. But keep in mind that you should have a daring heart to step into a glass-bottom boat; however, you will surely love this unique and thrilling encounter. Do not worry about the safety as all the safety measures are taken care by the sea life Bangkok Ocean world’s authority, and the ride is perfectly safe for the visitors. Just be strong and enjoy this fantastic experience.

sea life bangkok ocean world
Walk Underwater

One of the exciting things to do in sea life Bangkok Ocean world is to experience an underwater walk. Here you can join various species of the fishes in a vast underwater tunnel and experience a unique 180-degree vista of the sea life’s most sought-after attraction. Visitors of any age can do this fantastic activity. Explore the diverse marine habitats. Instagrammers come here to take live pictures with the marine life as here they can capture various unique moves done by the marine creatures. You can also hire a guide who will tell you more about marine life.

sea life bangkok ocean world
Be Part of Feeding Programs

This part is specially designed for the young ones. At sea life Bangkok Ocean world, you can take your kids to the feed programs organized by the authority. This program will let your kids and yourself interact with the sea creatures as you can feed them with your own hands. Do not worry, as you will not be alone to perform this activity. There will be an instructor with you and other visitors. The instructor will let you know how you can attract a fish to feed them. It is a fun activity and will surely help you create great memories with the kids.

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